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How it become Eyebrowlab


Hi! I am Edson Gonzales, owner of this beautiful business. It was a struggle at the beginning of my career. There were a lot of unsavory challenges along the way. Some customers were satisfied but some were not so pleased with the results of my work. I have made a lot of constructive mistakes. Numerous trials and errors, but these made me focus more on my crafts and it kept me going. Eventually, I was able to grow my skills and the journey made me who I am today.



In Manila, on my 3rd year in the university as an Architectural student, I decided to quit. I was unhappy with what I am doing and I strongly feel that the beauty industry will fit me better. Eventually, I enrolled myself in a beauty school and  received my diploma for basic haircutting. After that, I ventured to the world of make up artistry as well. My determination lead me to work with one of the most popular brands that time. I worked with events, shows and yes, some celebrities. I am on the right path and for this, i love my job.

Leaving Philippines

In autumn of 2009, I flew to Amsterdam to start a new chapter in my life. Since I cannot practice my profession in the Netherlands, my nature of work has changed. I offered haircuts to my fellow Filipinos and worked full-time as a cleaner in a hotel. I swept floors and scrubbed toilets, and I am proud of it. I was able to earn enough money for myself. My hard work and dedication paid off! My boss promoted me as a manager doing administrative jobs, booking reservations and supervising other co-workers.


In 2016, When I heard about “Microblading” I really got interested because the results blew me away! I immediately ordered cheap materials and practice tools online. I initially learned the techniques from countless hours of watching tutorial videos and practicing on artificial skin. I am noticing that my skills get better everyday and I thank my supportive girlfriends who are more than willing to be my models a.k.a. guinea pigs.

Finally a proper training

In 2017, I realized that studying a microblading  course is quite costly. I needed to invest thousands of euros to have a formal training. Through referrals from friends, I was able to save enough funds to take a course at Elite Microblading Academy. This is the year that I earned my first ever certificate as a Brow artist.

" I must say my career is doing well. My client-base for microblading service is expanding. From a small room in my apartment to a bigger studio in the middle of Amsterdam. I consistently enroll to new courses and advanced techniques to continuously update and improve my skills. As a gratitude, I pay forward by sharing my crafts, knowledge and experiences through teaching other aspiring Filipino artists as well. Who knows they will be as successful as I am today too. "
Edson Gonzales
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