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One of the best in Amsterdam for giving the most natural looking and beautiful eyebrows


Eyebrowlab in Amsterdam specialised for hair stroke techniques in semi-permanent. A very versatile artist who offers advanced method such as Machine Hair-strokes technique and Microblading to achieve certain expectations. For over 3,000 procedures done in a span of 6 years in the business, Edson Gonzales, the owner of Eyebrowlab is one of the top-booked artist all over The Netherlands. His reviews on google and other social media platforms testify his artistry. 

Edson is also one of the first Master trainer who gives education to learn Nanobrows Technique.

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Microblading is semi-permanent and the first ever hair stroke technique to create a realistic eyebrows. It is a manual hand method placing a1 by 1 strokes on eyebrow to achieve a natural looking effect that stays beautifully on the skin for about 1 – 2 years.

Machine Hair-strokes technique

Machine Hair-strokes techniqueΒ is semi-permanent, the newest and upcoming in-demand technique to creates hyperrealism brows. More realistic and less invasive technique that is suitable for most skin types, achieving a more fluffy and feathery look.


Powderbrows is semi-permanent achieving a more make-up look. This is a beautiful look from very subtle to a buildable and defined sharp eyebrows.

Benefits of getting your brows done with Machine Hair-strokes or Microblading technique

Save Time

Waking up in the morning without worrying to fix your eyebrows, you are all set and ready to go.

Self Confidence

Throw those insecurities away and have confidence with your looks.

Vibrant Look

Having your eyebrows done gives fullness yet natural look, this will make your face speaks.


  • Intake / Explaining procedure
  • Mapping the brows / form shaping
  • Choosing correct color
  • Numbing the skin
  • Making the Strokes or Powderbrows
  • Cleaning the eyebrows
  • Explaining the after care
  • Planning the touch up visit
Step by step


Nanobrows and Microblading

Eyebrowlab has collaborated with Gam, a certified artist of InkeyebrowsΒ for semi-permanent make up. A truly dedicated Semi-permanent artist specialised in hair strokes technique. Machine Hair-strokes techniqueΒ and Microblading is his specialty!

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