Nanobrows and Microblading Amsterdam

Powder Brows

A technique for all skin types and ages

This beautiful technique is loving by most women. It is a machine work that gives eyebrows from soft airy powder to dramatic defined eyebrows. Like microbading, powderbrows can be also look subtle and natural looking. The fullness can be always adjust depends on client’s preference.

Although microblading is a beautiful technique with its natural look, not everybody can have it. If you have very oily skin, hyper-sensitive skin and overly matured skin, then forget about microblading and instead get the Powder brows. This is suitable for any skin condition even on a tinted skin.

Powder brows is also a semi-permanent make up and will stay on your skin for about 2 years and annual touch up is also recommended. This technique is also good for correcting old tattoo or an eyebrow that underwent several laser tattoo removal treatments.

Appointment Procedure ( step by step )
  • Intake / briefing
  • Mapping / form shaping
  • Choosing correct colour
  • Numbing the skin
  • Powderbrows technique
  • Cleaning the eyebrows
  • Explaning the after care
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