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Plasma lift

How does plasma lifting work?

A special pen (Phi-Ion) is used, which at the end releases a controlled amount of energy from ions, which then penetrates into the connective tissue. The heat immediately creates a contraction and tightening of the skin fibers (fibroblasts), so that a remodeling and rejuvenating effect is created and the skin tightens. A small brown dot is formed, a so-called thermal reaction due to the contact of the skin with the air. Depending on the area to be treated, these dots are strategically placed and the lifting effect can be immediately visible and continue for 2-4 weeks after the treatment. There are no open wounds, but short (fall off after 5 days), which reduces the risk of side effects such as infections and scars. The healing process is therefore relatively shorter than with a regular eye lift.

• Surgical result with a fresh look immediately after the treatment, without surgery and anesthesia with minimal health risks, less stress and shorter recovery time (minimum 6 to 10 days).

• After 4 to 7 days you often look presentable again. Blood and lymph vessels are not cut and thus remain intact which promotes healing. • Safe method without scars, skin damage or bruises • Repeat treatments possible • Suitable for ages and skin types for both men and women • Perfect alternative to Fillers and Botox, so no foreign substances in your body • Affordable solution

What can be treated with plasma lifting?

The treatment is suitable for all age groups, women and men.
Indication areas:

• Drooping eyelids • Neck or double chin • Lip lift (lip augmentation) • Puppet lines • Deep wrinkles • Frown wrinkles • Crow’s feet • Puffiness • Nose lip fold • Ear creases • Age spots
• Pigment spots (after approval by Dermatologist) • Stretch marks • Scars • Fibroids (skin warts) • Acne, suitable when the acute phase is over, better healing and no scarring

The treatment is not recommended for:
Active acne
Active herpes (such as cold sores) If it is no longer active, possibly with medication before the treatments start up to 2 weeks after.
(Chronic) skin conditions, Psoriasis, Eczema and severe Rosacea
Serious illnesses such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, HIV AIDS (doctor’s letter is required)
Pregnancy or breastfeeding
Fillers and Botox (only after 3 months)
Diabetes (unless it’s controlled)
Use of blood thinners (eg Aspirin and Sintrom) (YES, stop 2 days before treatment in consultation with doctor)
Skin cancer (in consultation with the attending physician
Strong keloid formation on healing (scar tissue)
Antibiotics (in consultation with doctor)


Make sure you do not drink alcohol, coffee, energy drinks or green tea 24 hours before the treatment. In addition, do not take Aspirin, Aproxen or Ibuprofen. Paracetamol is allowed. This is because you may bleed more during the treatment.
30 days prior to the treatment: no: Bottox, Fillers, laser treatments, treatments with fruit or lactic acids, chemical peels or exposure to strong sunlight.
If you have previously had Herpes Simplex (cold sores), it is important that you apply preventive Zovirax cream on the lips 5 days before the plasma lift. Plus 1 week before taking 1000 mg, L-Lysine (an essential amino acid, for example Solgar or Orthica) tablets / capsules. On the day itself 1500 to 2000 mg up to and including the week after 1000 mg per day.

Aftercare Plasma Lifting
The treated area may show a slight swelling due to moisture which can last an average of 2 days. Small crusts also develop on the dots that have been placed after 2 days. You may not remove these to avoid the risk of scarring. The scabs will fall off on their own after 5 days as soon as the skin starts to heal. Then a pink to red color appears on the skin, which disappears on its own. This is the new skin that is still forming for weeks. It is therefore important that you avoid exposure to the sun during this period and as a precaution, use SPF 50 daily on the treated skin. Otherwise there is a chance of permanent pigmentation of the skin.
It is important that you follow the aftercare instructions below:

• Do not gain weight for the first 5 hours, leave it alone and no water. Then you can cool the treated area, if you like, with an ice pack to completely remove any swelling (especially at the eye lift).

• For the first 2 days after the treatment, avoid make-up, creams and other (aggressive) care products (scented soaps, etc.). Then you can camouflage the spot with concealer.

• Avoid direct sunlight for the first 2 days and wear dark sunglasses. Then babysit for 4 to 6 weeks

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