Nanobrows Amsterdam

Microblading Procedure

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Everybody wants beautiful eyebrows in the most natural look and that is why 1 by 1 hairstroke is tattooed on the top layer of the skin.

  1. Consultation

    It is important to know what is client’s desire. We also need to properly inform the client what will be the more or less expected results by determining the skin types, skin condition, lifestyle and health condition.

  2. Mapping the Brows

    Getting a perfect symmetric eyebrows is achieved by mapping the brows. Eyebrows is measured and drawn based on the shape the face.

  3. Microblading Procedure

    The part when using a pen holder with disposable blade on the tip, carefully making a thin cut like a hairstrokes depositing a pigments. All the stroke will be placed only inside the mapping that fills in the gaps and makes the eyebrows fuller.

  4. After care instruction is given after the procedure.

    The Artist have perfectly and beautifully made your eyebrows. It is time to follow the aftercare instruction given by your artist. aftercare gives an important role for the healed results.

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