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Learn the most upcoming in-demand technique today that most clients want to achieve, feather, natural and fluffy. The Feather Nano Brows!


Edson Gonzales

This live course will be conducted in small group ( max 6 People )


EyebrowLab : Droogbak 14a, 1013 GG Amsterdam NL

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Days / Time

Saturdays and Sundays / 09:00 - 17:00Hrs

Course Options: all prices is BTW inclusive.

  • Without PMU Pen 2.095,00Euros

    with 6 months online access

  • With PMU Pen 2.495,00Euros

    with 6 months online access

Questions about this Live Course

This Feather Nano Brow course is for artists who have experience with semi-permanent make-up or for someone who is an absolute beginner.

  • Live course In-depth training will take 2 intense day training.
  • 1st day will discuss theories and technique practices.
  • 2nd day will execute technique on live model.

After the live in-depth training, you will be given access to a 6-month online course. Your master will provide assignments and evaluate your work to be able to elevate your skills and eventually certify you as a skilled artist. 

After all evaluations of all the exercises and assignments you have submitted and passed the standards of Beauty Angels Academy. You will get certified and get world recognition to perform the art Feather Nano Technique.

  • Once you subscribed and  agreed with the contract, we asked reservation of 450euros to order the kit.
  • 4 weeks prior to the date of training, the rest of entire amout of course shall be paid.
Nanobrows online course

What you will get in this course?

  • 2 Days live In-depth live training with your master in a small group.
  • Live course will discuss all the theories, latex and techniques practices.
  • Work on a model.
  • An online course to be followed with assignments and practices in the course of 6 months.
  • 24/7 Online / Mobile access to the course.
  • Your Master Trainer Edson will guide you through out the process of learning. He will make sure that you will accomplish the standard of being of a Beauty Angel Artist.
  • Certificate will be issued as one a (Feather) Nano Machine Strokes expert with worldwide recognition.
Fether nano brows training

If you ...

Online / Mobile access to the course

Included In This Course ...

Student Resources


Zoom: Angel Support Time

Training Kit

Feather Nano Strokes kit without PMU Pen

Combination with ONLINE COURSE 6 MONTHS

Feather Nano Strokes kit with PMU PEN

Combination with ONLINE COURSE 6 MONTHS

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