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Learn the basics and secrets of Microblading





days live training


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6 Months

Post training

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Why My Course

Here is what you'll get!


Microblading basics & theory giving you an introduction prior to your live training.


That includes ENOUGH tools for approx. 100 procedures, giving you the potential income of 20k Euros on completion of your training.


Master Trainer will share the techniques & secrets to perform microblading. You will get practical knowledge that will enable you to perform the treatment with confidence.


You will work on a live model under the guidance and supervision of your trainer.


After completing your 3 days training you will receive our certificate of attendance which will allow you to obtain insurance.

post study

After classroom training you will continue to learn and complete the 12 step assignments to achieve final certification. During this time you will be guided and supported by your trainer.



Included in The Training Bundle you will receive your Profesisonal Microblading Kit ensuring you are only using the best products including METAL NO ANIMAL NO ANIMAL VEGAN FREE PIGMENTS with maximum FRIENDLY

Completing this course will help you:

After attending our live course, students will gain access and must successfully complete our online course (in 6 months). They will be guided by one of our trainers through each step of the practical part. The trainer will provide them with feedback on their practice work. With this approach, we’ll make sure that our students’ work is properly done and that they achieve the best possible results. They will be required to work on a live model to pass the last few levels. To this end, we guarantee that they will feel confident working on a live model with the knowledge gained to that point.

Learning Path

Understanding the basic fundamentals about eyebrow specific parts and terminology to better lay a perfect eyebrow shaping. To know how to make a perfect symmetric brows using a golden ratio.

New artist are mostly struggles on how to correctly select a color undertone due to lacking of knowledge about color theory.  Learn how to correct, modify and neutralize colors on existing old PMU.

Every client has different skin type and skin tones. This course will explain how to handle specific thickness of skin and which kind of treatment for a range of skin colors.


A wide range selection of pigment line adviced. Best of best for specific skin type and skin tone to execute a very good color depositing. 

Most of the artist who perform in a salon still don’t really have proper knowledge about needles, which gives less trauma to the skin yet deposits color and good saturation. This course will give insights about which needle to pick per treatment.

To achieve a very good result, an artist needs to master a very good pattern. There several patterns that go with flow that blends with the natural growth of client’s eyebrow hairs.

Just like any other academy, as a standard I will also teach how shallow and how light the pressure we need to treat on every client’s skin. A proper microblading depth will lead to a better healing results and will avoid PMU.

A golden rule in permanent make up and a rule of thumb, never work on real skin or a client until you practice a lot and master a latex work ( artificial skin ). You need to condition your wrist and pulse making a perfect strokes on latex.

This is a bonus lesson, teaching how to perform shading with microblading works to give fuller and definer effect. Shading needle will also be discussed on this chapter.

Setting up your workstation to be a proper permanent make up standard salon. Proper hygiene materials based on standards.

Pre-numbing or not will definitely get the same result if you perform proper technique. As an artist and performing permanent make up on my client, I want a smooth treatment as possible without my client in uncomfortable situation.

An exciting part of the course teaching how to execute microblading technique, proper position, preparing your client for eyebrow shaping and your work for social media marketing.


Course Programme

  • 1st Day : Theory / The Art of Microblading
  • 2nd Day : Work with live model
  • 3rd day : This is after 5 weeks for touch up on live model

How much it costs?

exclusive Btw
  • 3 Days intense training
  • 6 months support
  • Starter kit included
  • Certificate
  • Unlimited access to online platform
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