Eyebrowlab Microblading Amsterdam

General Conditions

With the very first appointment for Microblading or Powderbrows, we asked 100 euro deposit to confirm the booking. This is to prevent no shows, wasting money, time and you are committed enough to your decisions. In case of emergency or sickness, you can re-schedule the appointment to other dates by informing us 12 hours prior appointment.

Late of 20 minutes or no shows, your deposit is forfeited.

Eyebrow will always give its customers the best advice for the specific skin types. However, like any other cosmetic treatment, Semi-permanent make-up cannot guarantee a 100% satisfaction as it depends on how the skin accepts the pigment. If the pigment has not yet been taken during the follow-up treatment (6-8 weeks), we advise you to take an extra treatment within 3 months for only 80 euros with payment.

The result of the PMU depends on your skin type, sunlight, hormones, use of medication and creams and the implementation of the aftercare.

Skin type: oily skin and very sensitive skin reduce the result and how long the pmu lasts

Sunlight: blurs the pmu clearly (holidays and in the summer especially) and ensures a graying of the color

Hormones: can have a negative influence on the result (e.g. pregnancy and the first 6 months after)

Medication use: anti-clotting, Ro-accutane, creams with retinol or acids reduce the result of how long the pmu remains

Aftercare: if the aftercare is not strictly followed, the result decreases.

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